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Anonymous asked: Tehee You guys are cracking me up with all these hair investigatiins a reviving old posts. Maan I've been stalking samcedian tumblr blogs a while - and I've loved it. Thanks for the fun ride! You and your fellow Samcedian Tumbloggers (?) are wonderful! :-)

Aww thank you anon! Re- living the glory days with ya’ll is fun!

OH lord.. it is one thing if I am going thru my tumblr history.. but mango-blogs is pulling out all my embarrassing posts hahah





Is your hair really dyed?
It’s naturally dirty blonde. So it’s highlights. I had it down to my chin in this beginning of this year, and then I had them cut it from eight inches long to two inches long. I wanted to go brown and the lady made it black, so they basically had to…

SO … amongst Hairgate 2014… I remember that there was an interview when Chord said he didn’t like anyone to touch his hair? Anyone remember this? mango-blogs thediva-thedork



*Quietly sings Paramores song “The Only Exception”*

"The only exception…you are…" - (singing harmony)

*Joins Chorus* ” And I’m on my way to believing…”